14 Most Challenging Research Paper Topics in the Medical Field

Picking a topic is the first step you should take when writing a research paper in the medical field. Fortunately, the field is enormous and the task is not going to be especially difficult. However, it’s only reasonable to pick a really interesting and genuine topic rather than raking through outdated information.

A Research Paper in the Medical Field: 14 Topics Worth Attention

  1. Problems concerning Ebola.
  2. The virus seems to have been defeated, but are there grounds for optimism when the possibility of Ebola outbreak is still real?

  3. Diabetes.
  4. Talk about techniques employed to prevent the expansion of this disease. Or, is it more probable that people have to change their lifestyle?

  5. Alcohol: the scourge of modern society.
  6. In spite of all efforts to reduce excessive alcohol consumption, it’s still one of the major challenges our society has to face.

  7. Medical ethics.
  8. Write about moral aspects of experimenting on animals and humans.

  9. Factors that lead to cirrhosis of the liver.
  10. People often associate this disease with the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Are these the only factors?

  11. Assisted suicide or preservation of life?
  12. The topic is highly debatable. Some countries have recently passed laws allowing assisted suicide while elsewhere euthanasia is beyond the law. Talk about all the pros and cons.

  13. Vaccination: benefits and risks.
  14. The number of victims of vaccination is incomparably lower than the number of lives saved by it. Why do vaccination issues still cause an uproar?

  15. Self-treatment.
  16. Everybody can treat himself/herself now that there is so much information everywhere. Is self-treatment always safe?

  17. Alternative medicine.
  18. Is there any sense in considering it as an option along with traditional medicine?

  19. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  20. Talk about the symptoms of this disease and the possible methods of treatment.

    Topics Related to Cancer

    The list of topics related to cancer alone could be so long that it would take time even to look through it. These are some of the most challenging topics:

  21. How cancer begins.
  22. The number of saved lives would be higher if it was easier to reveal cancer at early stages. Try to shed light on how cancer begins.

  23. Global prevention of cancer.
  24. Talk about the latest progress achieved. Is there still room for improvement?

  25. Breast cancer.
  26. This type of cancer is the most widespread among women. What connection does it have to obesity and lifestyle?

  27. Children with cancer: the quality of life.
  28. Talk about the struggle for survival kids with cancer have to lead.

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