Directions to Follow While Composing a Term Paper

A term paper is considered a comprehensive piece of work. It is usually composed at the end of the marking period. The topic will have something to do with the main work studied during the class time. For example, if you are taking a British literature class, your term paper subject may be for you to analyze three of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

As with any kind of writing, there are hints and simple directions that you can use to make your research and writing job easier. These tricks can save you a lot of time and effort as you complete the composition.

Directions to Follow

Know the subject

You have to know the subject matter. If you did not read the three novels you have been assigned to write your paper on, then you will have to go back and read them before you can do anything. Keep this very important reminder in mind as you complete the subject. If the instructor assigns you to read a piece, then you need to read the piece.

Write a powerful thesis statement

Once you have determined that you read the piece assigned, then you need to build a powerful thesis statement. If you are comparing two characters, you could compare their personality, their actions, their motivations, their flaws, their strength, their weaknesses, and similar subjects. If you are comparing and contrasting you will need to look at the similarities and the differences. A solid thesis statement example on a character would read, Santiago from Old Man and the Sea is a character driven by the things he had desired, lost, and admired in his life.

Use an outline

Once you have composed the thesis statement, then you can research and create an outline. The more detailed you make the outline, the easier writing the paper will be. You should even include your research and quotes in the outline. If it is written properly, it is all you will need to refer to as you write. If you have never created one before, do not worry. There are many sample and outline templates online for free.

Call for Help if Needed

If you struggle to research and/or write the piece, do not hesitate to call upon help. There are a few different places where you can go. You can hire a writing company, hire a tutor, go to the writing lab, or go to your teacher for assistance.

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